Surrounding Property Development

Although there are older properties here and there, the aerial photo below taken in 1951 shows that most of the residential development to the south of the Creeklands occurred from the mid 1950s to the 1960s.  However, much of the land to the north had been developed by then excepting the land around Pakenham Street – which was more of a lane in those days that did not bridge Gardiners Creek.  You can follow the path of the creek by following the line of dark trees.   Notice that, while Furness Park is well treed (on the right), Blacks Walk (to the left) is noticeably more sparse.

Blackburn Creeklands 1951

Blackburn Creeklands 1951 (click to enlarge)

Up until the mid 1950s, the land to the south of the creek was largely used for rural purposes eg orchards and a poultry farm.

Malcolm Street / Sheehans Road Area History

elephant countryOriginally published in 1987, this scanned monograph from our archives written by former Malcolm Street resident, teacher and historian Mr Os Green, covers interesting facets of the residential development of Malcolm Street and Sheehans Road area from the mid 1950s – together with material on the earlier settlement of the area by orchardists.