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The Blackburn Creeklands shares a biannual newsletter with our sister bushland park – the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

This page contains links to older issues.  Please be aware that several are “print ready” – which means the order of pages does not appear normal.  More recent editions are available here.

September, 2009 (Weeds, grassland on Blacks Walk hill, Bowls Club water take-off update)

July, 2008 (Red-eared Slider turtles, water bugs, Kalang Park Frog Bog, Bowls Club water, Bull Ants)

February, 2008 (rubbish collection, Monday weeding, chocolate lilies, Powerful Owls, Pattersons Curse, Furness Park Bridge plans, Frog Bog)

July, 2007 (Powerful Owls, indigenous plants, Red-eared Slider turtles, foxes, NMIT plantings)

July, 2006 (Rose-ringed parrots, Melbourne Water creek bank rehabilitation completion, fungi, volunteering)

February, 2006 (Wind damage, summer fire preparations, Melbourne Water creek bank rehabilitation plans, cats, weeds, Spotted Pardalote)

February, 2005 (Sacred Kingfishers, Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoos, cats, foxes, Lake Park Nursing Home)

July, 2004  (Crested pigeon, frogs, Melbourne Water Erosion Control, Running Postman)

July, 1981 BCCG Newsletter #2 (Public meeting 27/5/1981 resolutions /questionnaire report)

May, 1981 The very first BCCG Newsletter: Creek Land Under Threat (Alerting the community to the issue)

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