The Blackburn Creeklands is blessed with an amazing diversity of native birdlife – more than 90 species of residents and visitors have been identified.

You will readily see and hear well known species such as the Laughing Kookaburra, Rainbow Lorikeets and Australian Magpie – but there are many less well known birds such as the Pardalotes living in the park.

If you’d like a full index of the birds observed in the Creeklands (listed by common name), please download Blackburn Creeklands Birds by Common Name.  Note that we index names like the Musk Lorikeet as Lorikeet, Musk  – to put birds from the same families or similar names together to help you find and/or distinguish them.  Some bird names are duplicated for indexing purposes and also where multiple common names exist.

This list, Birds by Scientific Name, (no duplicates), shows that more than ninety different species of birds visit or live in the Creeklands.

We are indebted to an early committee member, Mr John Humphreys, who drew up the original list in 1986 after recording the results of regular sightings in the Creeklands over a significant period.  His work was later revised by Dr David Grounds and published as a leaflet called Birds of the Blackburn Creeklands in 2002.  We also thank Mr Richard Bateman who kindly edited our last major revision for accuracy and currency.

In 2012, a community-oriented and educational program of biannual Bird Count surveys started.   Click here for further information.

With revegetation and other park care (and possibly assisted by the drought), it seems that new bird species are choosing to visit and even breed in the park.   For example, see our April 2012, Newsletter featuring “the rail” (the buff-banded rail known to science as Gallirallus philippensis).

Should you need further help identifying a bird you see, we recommend the following resources:

  • The Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight Field Guide to the Birds of Australia(Whitehorse-Manningham Library Ref 598.0994PIZ)
  •  Jim Flegg’s Photographic Field Guide Birds of Australia (Library Ref 581.0994FLE).

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