Fauna and Flora



The Blackburn Creeklands is blessed with an amazing diversity of native birdlife – more than 90 species of residents and visitors have been identified.  Please visit our Birdlife page for further information including lists of the observed birds maintained since the mid-1980s.  In 2012, a community-oriented and educational program of biannual Bird Count surveys started.   Click here for further information on the bird surveys.


The Creeklands has some very good sites to hear frogs and some species can be heard along the creek in other places as well.  Please visit our Frogs page for further information including the specific locations and more detailed descriptions of these amphibians.


We do see some interesting butterflies in season.  Please visit our Butterflies page for more details.

Other Fauna

Our web-site content manager needs to get busy documenting the remainder of our fauna including the possums, bats, turtles, fish (eg Freshwater Eels), skinks, beetles, spiders, ants, millipedes, snails, rakali (native water rat) and grey kangaroo(!) etc – see our November, 2015 web news for a photo of both the last two .

There are some (unwelcome) cases of non-indigenous fauna too – including foxes, carp, domestic cats, rats (black and brown)…


If you ever wondered why we don’t plant rows of roses in the park, the answer is that the Creeklands is intended to be a Bushland Park – where roses obviously have no place.

Please visit our Flora page for information on the indigenous and weed plants in the park – including our Favourite Flora and Worst Weeds.

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