Maintenance Areas

Management Areas (Blocks)

The management areas of the Blackburn Creeklands parks are referred to as Blocks and are referenced by the park name (F=Furness Park, K=Kalang Park, B=Blacks Walk) then N=North of Creek, S=South of Creek and then a block number.

For example: FS 1 denotes Block 1, Furness Park, south of the creek.

We refer to the creek and its banks separately because the they have quite separate characteristics to the adjacent parkland.  Most land areas typically run up to the top of the creek bank but do not include the creek and its banks.   The area along the creek is given the same number as adjacent blocks but with a ‘C’ added.

For example: FS 1C denotes the creek itself or creek bank next to Block 1, Furness Park, south of the creek.

Here are maps which show the maintenance block numbers:

All in all, there are almost 80 blocks referred to by the Advisory Committee.  These are listed here.