9. The Orchard

As the picture below shows, before the mid 1950s, much of the area south of the creek was comprised of fruit orchards and a poultry farm.

orchards 1951

A remnant historic pear orchard of seven pear trees still remains at the southern end of the park (in Kalang Park) between Sheehans Road and Malcolm Street!

orchard rows

Though the trees are a little ratty these days and are no longer bountiful, the straight rows are still obvious…

Have you noticed there are no house numbers 1 to 4 in Malcolm St and Sheehans Rd ? (Actually, number 3 Sheehans Rd has been retrieved).

  • When the orchards were subdivided for building blocks, the first four in each of the streets were not released (maybe to do with the flooding of the creek, or perhaps the major sewage line that was being dug in, or it may have been something about a proposal to extend Albion Rd through to Blackburn Road).
  • Fortunately the area was left available for incorporation into the park.