7. The MMBW House and Community Seat [updated]

Update 31/1/2015:  With reference to the 21/6 update below, now the “driveway” type crossing has been replaced! – leaving no visible traces of the original house.  As reported in the Park News – January, 2015 , Whitehorse City Council (WCC) has replaced storm water drains/pits and performed other maintenance at the Main Street bridge.  Here’s what it looked like – just before its replacement:

Old crossing-Main Street Bridge.jpg

Old crossing-Main Street Bridge

Update 21/6/2014:  Most of the traces of the old house referred to below have been obliterated by path repairs and resurfacing between the felled pines and Main Street.  Only the “driveway” type crossing remains.  We’ll leave the description below in case traces resurface with wear and rain.

There used to be a house owned by the MMBW (now Melbourne Water) at 62 Main Street.   It was demolished in 1984 to improve park accessibility and the property was incorporated into the park.

MMBW concrete

You may have noticed the “driveway” type crossing over the Main Street footpath.  Also, the concrete you can see in the path – near the “community seat” – looking back towards Main Street, are the last vestiges of that house.