3. The Cutting

Pakenham Street did not cross Gardiner’s Creek until 1962.  The aerial photo taken in 1951 shows that today’s Pakenham Street was an insignificant lane dwindling out to the north of the creek.

pakenham and myrtle

However, the creek was forded more-or-less along Myrtle Grove.  One frequent user was the poultry farmer who lived in Myrtle Grove (Mr Mayhew Ridge) – his farm was on the other side of the creek.

If you are walking east from Pakenham Street, look for the tree stump near the path – more or less atop the rise after you pass the bollards.


The cutting is quite low – only 30-40 cm facing East.  If you look towards the creek, you’ll see that the fill was spread on the creek-side of the track raising it slightly.  Obviously, the creek must have been much shallower then – flows and erosion increased with development to the east.

cutting to creekMany walkers are used to doing a circuit of the park using the north and south of the creek paths.  Note that until May 1993, there was no walking access along the north side of the creek through this section.