Furness Photopoint 3

The original note says: Right angle bench to Nth opposite corner of private property – stand on drain inspection point, facing northward.

The note from May 2015 says you get to this from the track on south side of creek coming from Blackburn Rd, just after the track swerves strongly right (Nth). The photo is from the top of the bank looking Nth along the creek, where it runs parallel to the western property lines of the Furness Street houses. You need to find a little spot giving a line of sight that shows the creek as in the photo.

Furness 3a 21 Oct 1990

furness 3a

Furness 3b 30 Nov 1999 A note here says: Very overgrown – cannot find inspection point

furness 3b

Furness 3c 30 Feb 2002

furness 3c

Furness 3d 21 July 2006

furness 3d

Furness 3e 4 Nov 2016

furness 3e