Furness Photopoint 2

The note from October 1990 says this was taken from the first seat west of Blackburn Rd, facing westward.   
But the old seat must have been moved.

The note from May 2015 says it is about 25m before the present seat, going from Blackburn Rd 
towards Main St (about 3m west of the side boundary line between the properties at 20 & 22 Heath St).      Photo facing west

Furness 2a    30 October 1990

furness 2a

Furness 2b    30 November 1999

furness 2b

Furness 2c    3 February 2002

furness 2c

Furness 2d     21 July 2006

furness 2d

Furness 2e     24 May 2015

furness 2e

Furness 2f     4 November 2016

furness 2f