Furness Photopoint 8

The note from Oct 1990 says this location was on the Main St eastern footpath, facing west.

The note from 2017 adds that it is taken from the south side of the creek.

The broad crossing that you can see on the far side of Main St used to be the driveway into a house by the creek owned by the Board of Works. Later the house was removed, and the land was opened to become part of the parkland in the 1980’s.

Furness 8a 21 Oct 1990

furness 8a

Furness 8b 30 Nov 1999

furness 8b

Furness 8c 3 Feb 2002

furness 8c

Furness 8d 21 July 2006

furness 8d

Furness 8e 4 17 Feb 2017

furness 8e