Furness Photopoint 4

The original note says: Opposite end of Furness St on outer edge of meander facing Nth. Locate seat in picture. Stand on drain inspection point, facing north.

The note from 1999 says: Note: seat has been relocated. New location – almost due Nth of playground equipment. Sth side of creek at bottom of mown area, facing Nth.

The note from 2016 says: This taken from Sth bank of creek, looking towards Nth. Down very close to the creek, almost due Nth of the playground equipment, just by a momentary sharp bend in the creek – a momentary kink to the south and back again. From here you can see the path along the Nth bank, quite close to the creek.

Furness 4a 21 Oct 1990

furness 4a

Furness 4b 30 Nov 1999

furness 4b

Furness 4c 3 Feb 2002

furness 4c

Furness 4d 21 July 2006

furness 4d

Furness 4e 4 Nov 2016

furness 4e