What are Photopoints?

  • Based on an original idea from naturalist Alan Reid, Committee has maintained a series of photographs taken from the same point and in the same direction in the Creeklands since about 1990.   Alan did some other innovative work in the park including leading Honeyeater walks in the early 1980s and his idea for a butterfly survey in the mid 1980s.
  • Philip Brentnall, David Grounds and Anthea Swann have been key players in keeping this visual history going.  More recently, current Committee man Jim Lambert has digitised the existing collection in keeping with the revolution we have experienced in changes to photography.  These changes not only cover how photos are taken but also how they can be stored, protected and shared.
  • Jim has scanned all of the existing photos and has also updated and digitised the notes on where each photopoint is located – and has taken new photos at each point.

How Many are There?

  • There are 60-70 “photopoints” and we now have five photos taken from each point.  These have been maintained in traditional photo albums.
  • So far, the photopoints for Furness Park have been uploaded.  Please click here to inspect.