Jim - noticeboard upgrade

The Blackburn Creeklands Advisory Committee maintains a noticeboard on the south side of the creek at the Pakenham Street end of Kalang Park adjacent to the Blackburn Bowls Club.   Our photo shows Friend Jim who coordinated a project to replace the noticeboard’s tin roof – successfully returning it to its original waterproof state.

News bulletins are posted there as well as regularly updated educational displays on interesting Creeklands topics such as the bird and plant life.  Here’s where you can find it:

Current Noticeboard Display

Megan has just started our regular display of Wattles flowering in the Creeklands.

wattles display 2022

In Megan’s words:

I put the wattle display up on the noticeboard this morning – possibly 7-10 days earlier than in some past years. It was interesting to note a few differences this year possibly due to being a week earlier or due to the cold wet winter. Firstly I could find no Blackwood wattle in flower (Acacia melanoxylon)  which seems unusual. If anyone sees any in flower please let me know.  Acacia paradoxa is usually a later flowering species but I managed to find it at my usual early flowering plant in Blacks Walk.

Acacia myrtifolia (Myrtle wattle) was a big surprise this year – it has a better display of blossoms than I can ever remember. In fact it almost seemed like a different species with the blossoms more profuse and darker in colour. I’d almost got the stage of thinking we shouldn’t bother to plant it as it hasn’t thrived in many locations in the park in the past.  It is a small bush – look out for it in Blacks Walk.

Acacia stricta (Hop wattle) on the other hand is looking a bit sad with few buds and blossoms. The plants themselves look fine – just few flowers. Maybe it prefers drier years?

Acacia genistifolia is a species Mary just started occasionally planting before she left and most plants only survive 2-3 years if that. Interestingly its common name is spreading wattle but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it spreading.   I have only observed one left in walking around the park this morning and it happens to be out the back of my place looking small but full of flowers. I’m still of two minds about it for future planting.

The introduced wattle Acacia decurrens is in flower but I need to wait until birds peck off a sprig as it is way too high up . I’m not concerned about not including it as it is non-indigenous.