Frog Photo Scoop!

Despite there sometimes being an abundance of frog calls at the Waratah Wetlands, several Friends have complained that they’ve never ever seen a frog there!   Sometimes it seems there must be a thousand frogs calling – but when you consider that Our Frogs web page claims that only the males call, there must be two thousand there!  Well… we now have a photo of one to show you at last!

nankeen night heron and frog

Sadly, our photogenic frog is about to become lunch for one of our local Nankeen Night Herons.   It’s hard to say what variety of frog it is – probably a Striped Marsh Frog.

The photo was taken at the Waratah Wetlands recently by a visitor from Scotland who was visiting his daughter and her family in Malcolm Street. Our photographer, Clive, lives at Kyle of Lochalsh on the northwest coast of Scotland. Interestingly, his village and nearby Plockton were used as the fictitious Lochdubh in the “Hamish MacBeth” TV series.

The take-away message is that we now know why the frogs keep themselves well concealed… and they can’t say they weren’t warned!   The Nankeen Night Herons are seen fairly commonly in the Creeklands.   We published a photo Friend Wendy sent us in our January news.  Interestingly, the slender white head plume(s) on the bird indicate that it is breeding.   So that might mean even more trouble for our frogs!

Our thanks to Lisa, Mary and Megan who all played a part in getting Clive’s photo to us.

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