Unusual Sighting

One of our friends has sent us this documentary evidence, captured on her mobile phone, of an unusual sighting in the park on Friday:

Unusual Sighting

In her words:

On our morning walk we heard and enormous racket from rainbow lorikeets – I figured there must be a tawny [frogmouth] they had sighted or simply a Currawong they didn’t like. On further investigation I found the attached very scary ‘animal’ high in a Euc[alypt] with a least 12 lorikeets around it in a great state of agitation.  The big-eyed beast with its 4 legs dangling down is still there this morning but obviously the birds have figured it isn’t predatory as there were none around it.

Actually, it can be a good clue to look up when you hear birds giving excited “alarm” calls.  Sometimes, it will indicate the presence of a larger bird like a White-faced Heron.  These are waders and harmless to other birds.  In other cases, the alarm call may be genuine – indicating the presence of a predator such as a raptor (eg a hawk).

What this “creature” actually is was not fully explained.  Younger kids, their parents and grandparents would probably be reminded of a character from “Ben and Holly”.

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