More Main Street Bridge Maintenance [updated 8/4/2016]

Update  9/6/2016: Installation has commenced!   Some of the posts for the new railings were installed on both sides of the bridge today – see below:

posts for new railings

Update  8/4/2016: Council has authorized the contractor to go ahead on the revised railing design (see below at right).  Installation is now expected in a couple of weeks.


Update  7/3/2016: Committee representatives met with Council on-site at 08:00 on 7th March, 2016 primarily to discuss the type of handrails proposed for the bridge.  The railings are currently being fabricated.  A design constraint is that the railings must conform to the Australian Standard for bridge railings associated with bicycle traffic.  Council offered the ability to reduce the visual bulk of the railings by introducing an open panel towards the top of the railings.  This would tend to reduce the “jail bars” effect of the current design.  This was agreed.   Changes to the railings and subsequent powder coating will take 2-3 weeks before installation can commence.

Update  26/2/2016:  Another fortnight has passed us by – and clearly nothing has happened at Main Street – on the ground at least.  We’ve asked our contacts at Council who are none the wiser – saying “…there have evidently been delays…”.   In the meantime, Jefferey Street residents are very unhappy about the works done on their bridge which they describe as an unsympathetic “cage” around the pedestrian bridge with further similar work to be applied to the road bridge as well!  Further bad news is that the same contractors will build our work too! Jefferey Street bridge

Update  11/2/2016:  We’ve been informed that some dependent work in Jeffery Street started today but complications arose that have meant that the Main Street bridge work is not likely to start until next week.

The Main Street bridge maintenance work conducted last year (April – June, see: ) was completed – excepting some landscaping and a component to replace the old-style pipe handrails.

bridge pedestrian refuge

Council has informed us that the replacement of the handrails is likely to start this coming Friday (12/2) and continue for a few days into next week (weather dependent of course).

No doubt, there will be some impacts on access to the paths in the park, the bridge itself and in crossing over Main Street.

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