New Whitehorse Cycling Strategy

whitehorse cycling strategy poster

We recently received the poster above from Council inviting community input into its new New Whitehorse Cycling Strategy.

The  Whitehorse Council Transport Team says:

Whitehorse Council is preparing a new Cycling Strategy to guide education, infrastructure and advocacy actions over the next 10 years.  Council is keen to hear from cyclists and non-cyclists so that Strategy takes into account the needs of everyone using a shared path, road and other public places.  We are sending this information to schools, businesses and community groups to encourage you to let us know your opinions about cycling that impact on you as a resident, visitor, group member, employer, educator etc.

The details of how you can have your say are attached [the poster above] and we look forward to hearing your comments by 13 February 2016.

For the record, the paths in our the Blackburn Creeklands are neither “bike paths” nor “shared paths”.  They are pedestrian paths that cyclists are welcome to use (with pedestrians, people with disabilities, people walking dogs, younger cyclists (eg headed for school) and people pushing strollers and prams).

To help avoid accidents and injury:

  • Cyclists should travel more slowly on our paths and be alert to the unexpected.
  • Dog owners should have their dogs on their leads.
  • Pedestrians should listen out for cyclists’ warning bells and move to the left when the situation arises.
  • Children need to be educated to negotiate our paths safely.


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