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We thought you might be interested in a working bee apology we received following last month’s news from one of our mutual Friends  – which we quote with permission:

Oh how great it is to receive information on the Creeklands.

I will not be able to join the Working bee[s] this year either. Have now moved from Sweden to the wonderful island of Aland … and its capital Mariehamn. Aland is a demilitarized and autonomous group of 6700 islands. (It is technically a part of Finland. But if you call the people here Finns, you will soon have a black eye 😉 It lies between Sweden and Finland and is a very pretty part of the world.

Aland has most sun hours per year of Scandinavia so it is filled with tourists, sailing yachts etc in the summer. 

So sorry, I will help my new Mother-in-law with her lawn instead!

Keep sending me the Creeklands info, I miss Blackburn and everyone there!



Bjorn used to live in Blackburn and clearly misses the Creeklands – even in what must be a truly beautiful place (at least, in summer…).

We have to admit that not being able to fly back for working bees is an acceptable excuse – but only if the flying time exceeds 24 hours in each direction.   Whether helping one’s mother-in-law with the lawn is punishment enough, is still moot.  Of course, we double-check all excuses offered ; ) – here’s a shot from our WordPress web site statistics when the May news was released – it shows we definitely had a visit from the Aland Islands (shown as a separate country – which supports the black eye story too):

aland islands

On the subject of far flung friends, we do have a couple of friends registered in overseas locations and regularly see web site requests from the UK, USA, Canada and many other countries.  Nevertheless, most of our web site activity is local as you’d expect.  Here are the top ten stats for the year-to-date:


On the subject of excuses for not attending working bees, we hope you have an equally good excuse if you can’t come along on Sunday, 14th June 9-12 to help us complete the Billabong project – or at least share a cuppa with us at about 10:30!

Here are the details:

billabong working bee

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