Billabong News

Friends venturing out in the weather in the last few days may have noticed that the track through the billabong ponds has been re-worked making it a little higher and narrower and that the feed into the system has been opened (a little?).

billabong working - from Geoffrey

Friend Geoffrey was the first to snap water flowing into the main pond (well done and thanks Geoffrey!).  The billabong is intended to be ephemeral – and, so far, the water in the system has “disappeared” quite quickly.  There are signs that the larger pond on the creek side of the path will hold water longer once the pond settles down.

By the way – keep on the look-out for Yellow-tailed Black-cockatoo visitors to the park – a flock of 12 was seen circling the new billabong at about 4:30PM yesterday (Thursday 14th May) …  These are large, impressive birds and are not exactly welcome to the local King-Parrots (also in abundance at the moment).  If you hear a huge ruckus, look above…

Another Friend has reported that the frog community of Blackburn has already heard the news too – she heard a Southern Brown Tree Frog calling beside the east end of the billabong also late yesterday afternoon – so news travels fast!

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