Working Bee – Sunday, 27th July 2014 [updated 27/7]

Our Working Bee on Sunday, 27th July 2014 was a major success.   Not only was the weather ideal, Friends of the Creeklands, committee and community members combined to achieve some fantastic results on National Tree Day:

  • 13 people working with some Friends participating in morning tea
  • 42 working hours logged
  • 377 plants went in !

Location: The location was land adjacent to 60 Main Street.

60 main st 2014

Work consisted mostly of planting out.  Committee had met with Council to discuss plans for more woody weed removals here later this year.  This will include cleaning up the Main Street frontage including removal of the dead Prunus trees, Agapanthus and similar work in the middle of the area.  Planting focused on the area A in the sketch above (to provide some body ahead of the woody weed removals later on) with significant in-fill planting a long way along the path westwards.

Note that the sketch map shows the proposed development next door at 60 Main Street which goes to VCAT in September – highlighting the need for planting to try to screen out whatever housing eventually ensues there.

Thanks to all the contributors, to Friend Arthur for the bickies, Friend Alison for the cakes and congratulations to Mary for a master class in organisation.  See you next time!



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