Woody Weed Removals Completed

Removal of two (2) large Monterey Pine trees and one (1) Cypress tree located in Kalang Park approximately at the rear of 4A Haydn Street was completed this morning (18/6/2014) by Council.  Work commenced on Monday, 16 June 2014 as planned.

The photo shows progress being inspected by one of the locals:

pines Kalang park

One major log (in segments) will remain on-site.  From its rings, the tree would have been planted in the mid 1950s.  Access to that section of the path had to be closed while the work was being undertaken.

pines to be removed

Inevitably, there was some minor damage to surrounding plants and to those near the path in from Main Street which provided access for the equipment needed.  The preferred access from Laurel Grove could not be used because the park was too boggy on that side.

The removals will be followed up with suitable revegetation over the coming months.  Note that pines have previously been removed from the adjacent area to the east (ie towards Main Street).  Regeneration of the bushland in that area has been quite successful.


  • The trees have been listed for removal as part of the on-going implementation of the Blackburn Creeklands Master Plan. The Master Plan identified the need to remove a group of pine trees from this area to enhance the bushland and reduce the potential for further spread of pine trees [which are woody weeds].
  • Pine tree removals were commenced a number of years ago and approximately eight pine trees have been removed from this location.
  • The works were then paused for a number of years to enable infill planting of indigenous trees to begin to develop a visual presence in the area. Following a reassessment of the revegetation on the site, it was considered a suitable time to proceed with the removal of the remaining trees.
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