Working Bee at the Frog Bog – Sunday, 29th June 2014 [updated 29/6]

Our second community Working Bee for the year was conducted on Sunday, 29th June 2014.  The location was the “Frog Bog” – on the north side of the creek below Myrtle Grove – easiest access to review our work is from Pakenham Street.  Please note that the “Frog Bog” is not the “Waratah Wetlands” that most would associate with a thriving frog population – the “Frog Bog” is further west, nearer Pakenham Street.

frog bog


Organizers were very pleased with the turn out – especially considering the rather inclement weather – check out the umbrellas and rain-coats!

working bee 20140629
Activities:  Work consisted mostly of planting out nearly 300 tube-stock along the creek bank and in the plot on the bend (or should that be the twist in the plot?) – as well as a little Angled Onion weed removal.

Thanks to all our Friends who worked with us – especially those “newbies” to the group.

One such was Linda who regularly jogs through the park and was determined to “give something back to the park” in compensation for the enjoyment she gets from the park.

Once again, thanks also to our friend Min who provided the min(i)-muffins to keep us going after she noticed us setting up on her jog past!

PS: nobody saw a frog!  (but we did see and hear ducks of course!)

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