Temporary Path Closure

Realignment of Path Adjacent to 60 Main Street

Work on woody weed removal in the park land adjacent to 60 Main Street commenced in late November with the path realignment work currently underway – this required a temporary path closure.

Update Tuesday, 17/12/2013:  The path construction was completed this afternoon so you can walk through there again. Mulch and logs still haven’t been completely spread over the old path at this stage. 

Works are subject to suitable weather conditions and council apologises for the inconvenience.  There is a parallel path on the southern side of the creek – so the inconvenience should be minimal for most park users.

Path Closure - Laurel Grove to Main Street

Path Closure – Laurel Grove to Main Street

The contractor removed the woody weed stumps and has constructed the new path.  The old path has been dug up and a drain has been installed under the path towards the western end.   Some of the logs retained at the western end will be relocated along the old path.  Council will plant up the old path area next year at a more appropriate time of year.  Some canopy trees will be planted along the old path line.

Should you have any queries, please contact David Stewart (Bushland Coordinator, City of Whitehorse) on 9262 6333.

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