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Bushland News Distribution Changes – Going Greener

bushland news

  • Our Bushland News keeps you in touch with happenings in both the Blackburn Creeklands and Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.  It’s the end of an era – the last edition of the Bushland News to be hand-delivered to the local community is currently being distributed.
  • Committee sincerely  thanks the volunteers who have assembled and hand-delivered 1,500 of the newsletters to the community bi-annually for many years.
  • The next edition will be distributed mainly via e-mail to Friends.   This means our Friends in nearby suburbs and even Stockholm, Sweden will now be fully covered.  Volunteers will continue to hand-deliver a paper copy to those who don’t have e-mail and who register with us.
  • A very warm welcome to the many new Friends who have recently signed up!
  • You can download our latest edition in full colour from here.
  • Recent editions from 2010 onward are available via a newsletter “category” on our web site.  There is also an archive of older editions covering 2004-2009 and the historic first editions of 1981.  Some Friends found further old editions when researching for the 30th Birthday Celebrations – we’ll add to these to the archives in due course.

Project Updates

  • Realignment of Path Adjacent to 60 Main Street – work on woody weed removal has commenced with path realignment work to follow shortly. Update 16/12:  Work has commenced on the path construction – and the path on the north side of the creek linking Laurel Grove and Main Street will be closed for approximately 2 days.   Works are subject to suitable weather conditions and council apologises for the inconvenience.   Machinery will be working on the path realignment and park users are requested to stay out of this area for safety reasons.  Should you have any queries, please contact David Stewart (Bushland Coordinator, City of Whitehorse) on 9262 6333.
  • The latest from Council’s Planning Department on the 60 Main Street development proposal (26/11) was that the expected forum will not now take place.   The council representative was unable to give the reason.  Further contact is expected.
  • Kalang Park Pavilion Refurbishment/Addition – there has been no change we are aware of – Council has not met earlier timelines for Committee involvement.  We will follow up further.

New Tree Education Officer at Whitehorse City Council

  • Ms Millie Wells is the new Tree Education Officer at Whitehorse City Council.  Council has recently launched the Tree Education Program to raise awareness within the community of the value of urban trees with focus mostly on private properties.
  •  We promised to give her some publicity with our Friends.  Her position is new and is within the Planning Department – her focus being community education.  She is planning workshops, holiday programs and creation of a Facebook page devoted to the “Urban Forest Network” in Whitehorse.  If you need tree information, you can reach her on 9262 6131 or via e-mail: .

Working Bees

  • The last official community working bee for this year was successfully undertaken on 10th November – completing work we commenced on the partly washed-out working bee of 13th October.  Several Friends participated – thank you!   
  •  Committee sincerely thanks all who participated in the 2013 program – we hope to see you again in 2014. Dates will be published here when available.

30th Birthday Celebrations

  • A celebration was held at the Scout Hall on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 for the 30th anniversary of the Blackburn Creeklands park.
  • The function was a great success with more than 70 people attending including Friends, former committee members and local councillors.
  • Click here for further information on the anniversary and the historical aspects.

Spring Bird Count 

  • This year’s Spring Bird Survey went very well despite the dull day.  Highlights were:
    • a few more species being counted than in last Spring’s survey
    • many species being observed nesting in the park
    • the relatively small number of non-indigenous birds observed.
  • Please click here for the full Bird Count report and our Bird Counts page for links to all reports and survey results to date.
  • Next year’s surveys will start at 07:30 instead of 08:00.  The early bird (watcher) catches (better sight of) the bird!

Recent Sightings

  • Chestnut Teal ducklings (first time for 2-3 years).
  • Unfortunately, a Crested Pigeons’ nest we were watching (from afar) broke up before hatchlings arrived…

Plants of the Month

There was a tie for plant of the month – the judges could not separate Viminaria juncea (Golden Spray) and Prostanthera lasianthos (Victorian  Christmas-bush).  We’ll let you decide…

This example of Golden Spray is in Kalang Park next to the “Community Seat” – the double bench seat on the southern side of the creek not far from Main Street:


It is an upright shrub with long needle-like leaves and sprays of yellow pea-like flowers (inset) from October-February.

This example of Victorian  Christmas-bush is in Furness Park on the northern side of the creek – once again, not far from Main Street:

Christmas bush

It is a tall, bushy shrub with masses of scented purple spotted white flowers (inset) – usually flowering in summer – but it has been quite early this year.  It requires moist conditions to thrive, so many plants in the Creeklands died in the drier years – but there is still a fair population around.

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