Successful 30th Anniversary Celebration

The celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Blackburn Creeklands park at the Scout Hall on the 17th November 2013 was a great success.  More than 70 people attended including all surviving members of the original BCCG Committee and our local ward councillors (Crs Andrew Munroe and Denise Massoud).

Blackburn Creeklands in Flood 1964 (M Crabb)

Blackburn Creeklands in Flood 1963 (photo provided by Mike Crabb)

Highlights of the day were :

  • A very comprehensive display of Creeklands photos, newspaper cuttings, aerial photographs, project plans/drawings, Up the Creek! campaign t-shirts etc etc spanning from the Roberts/McCubbin artists’ camp days through to the present.   Megan and Peter Short in particular did a fantastic job assembling the material and laying out the displays.
  • Additional photos and newspaper articles were brought along by guests and more were promised by others.  The photo above shows the creek in flood in 1964 (thanks Mike).  Notice the fencing? – several photos showed horses in agistment in the Creeklands right up to the 1980s.  Note:  The BCAC Committee is keen to capture more artefacts anyone might have – we can scan documents up to A3 in size, photos, film and slides quite quickly so we wouldn’t need to hold originals for long (and will provide image donors with a CD containing a copy of their material in electronic format).  If you can help, please e-mail using the form below.
  • An interesting talk by Megan Short covering the history of the park and the personalities involved – which highlighted just how lucky we are to have the park to enjoy these days.  What would have happened if Suzanne decided not to make Blackberry jam that day in 1981?
  • A passionate, humorous and interesting keynote speech by Geoff Lodge including his early rehabilitation work in the Creeklands as a teenager ).  No! – not of himself – of the Creeklands!)
  • A floral display bringing the Creeklands into the Scout Hall highlighting current flowering species in the park including an unseasonal Christmas Bush (thanks Mary).
  • Ample time to mingle and meet friends – both old and new.
  • The excellent organization of the day and catering with goodies provided by locals (thanks Suzanne for the traditional scones – thanks also to Lisa, Viola and Mary).
  • Finally, the beautiful day which no doubt encouraged people to attend and to enjoy the park on the way in.

Committee sincerely thanks all who attended and contributed to the success of the function.

Contact form for photos and other artefacts:

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