Working Bee – Sunday, 10th November, 09:00-12:00

The day’s much kinder weather enabled good progress to be made.  The focus was weeding the creek bank along the (hopefully, soon to be old…) path.  In addition, some ancillary chores were undertaken – scotching some scotch thistles, flattening some flatweed and protecting good indigenous grasses.  It was pleasing that some stalwart Friends, including newbie Pennie, teamed up with many of the usual Committee faces.  Another old friend assisted in the consumption of the very welcome morning tea.

Location:  the land adjacent to 60 Main Street, Blackburn.

Date and Time:  Sunday 10th November, 09:00 – 12:00

Main activity:  weeding.


Council will also be working in this area shortly – removing more woody weeds (invasive trees such as prunus), realigning the track a little northwards and replanting the old path with indigenous vegetation.  Yes, 60 Main Street is the site of the proposed development currently seeking planning approval (click here for further details).



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