Spring 2013 Bird Survey: Saturday, October 26th, 2013

What better way to celebrate Bird Week locally than with a bird survey in the Creeklands ?

The 2013 Spring Bird Survey of the Blackburn Creeklands was conducted on Saturday, October 26th from 07:50 – 09:45 AM.

Tawny Frogmouth - adult and chick

The picture above shows a Tawny Frogmouth adult and chick (lighter colour) in Kalang Park under dad’s wing.

Although starting at the Scout Hall, most of the counting work was conducted in Kalang and Furness Parks.  Even though we saw little of the sun, the survey was wind and rain free making for plenty of activity from our avian neighbours – with a few more species being counted than in last year’s Spring’s survey.

Particularly pleasing was that so many species were observed to be nesting and feeding in the park.  Once again, the relatively small number of non-indigenous birds observed was heartening.

Here are the survey results:  BCAC Autumn 2013 Bird Survey – 26th October, 2013

Please visit our Bird Counts page for links to prior reports and survey results to date. Following our walks counting the birds, we reconvened at the Scouts Hall for a convivial cuppa to consolidate results and to thank our group leaders.   Committee also thanks the organisers, record keepers, suppliers of equipment/refreshments and the Scouts for their valuable contributions.

Ken, one of our record keepers, gave an impromptu overview on his work with shore birds and the parlous state of our migratory birds in particular.  It was a very interesting talk – but had its disheartening aspects – particularly the impact of Chinese and Korean economic development on one of their most important feeding grounds (the Yellow Sea mud flats) and the concurrent evapouration of Australian Government research funding.

One of our Group Leaders, Pat Bingham, from Birdlife Australia, encouraged us to vote in her group’s special competition to find Australia’s favourite bird.  Please visit http://www.birdlife.org.au  for more details on her organisation. Its Australian Birdlife magazine will be well known to many.  Ian Moodie, our other Group Leader, reflected on a recent trip to France and Italy where it stood out that there was hardly any birdlife in evidence – even in rural areas.  How lucky we are in Blackburn to enjoy such active wildlife!

For those who missed the event, here are some shots from our tripleJ photographers team (Jan, Jim and John):


The “ghost in the tree” above is a rather curious Tawny Frogmouth chick.

female chestnut teal

This shot shows a female Chestnut Teal in a reflective mood.

tawny frogmouth

Here’s an adult Tawny Frogmouth – probably counting humans!


Finally some nesting lorikeets assisted by a Rose-Ringed Parrakeet (a presumed aviary escapee of Afro-Asian origins) who, strangely, seems to be a fully assimilated lorikeet these days.

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