News – October, 2013

Bird Count – Final reminder

  • Our Bird Survey is this coming Saturday, October 26th at 07:30 for 08:00.
  • Please click here for further information on our bird survey program.
  • Not good at identifying birds ?  Doesn’t matter – your help is needed to spot them – not necessarily identify them.   The survey will be beginner friendly.
  • Update:  Please click here for the Bird Count report.

Successful Blacks Walk Path Construction

blacks walk path in use

  • The new path itself has been completed very successfully as the photo shows.  Parents are pleased – no cases of footrot in students (due to their having wet shoes all day) are expected from now on.
  • The remainder of the work is being handled by the Council internally – including planting out, seat relocations and smoothing path edges.
  • At the risk of blowing our own trumpet, the success of the project, particularly in addressing school students’ needs, was significantly due to committee design input and later collaboration with council prior to construction.
  • You may like to download your own printable Blackburn Creeklands Walking Map which has been updated with the new paths.

Illegal Mulch Dumping Conviction

  • The Whitehorse Leader (Wednesday, 16th October, p17) reports that the Furness Park illegal mulch dumper was fined nearly $1,000 with a conviction recorded.  Please click here for a picture of the original “crime scene”.
  • Hopefully, this will serve as a strong warning to others– illegal dumping costs the community a quarter of a million dollars a year!  In the meantime, there has been another illegal mulch dumping – this time, at the end of the Bowling Club car park.

Kalang Park Pavilion Upgrade

  • Council has allocated funds in this financial year’s budget for design of the Kalang Park Pavilion Refurbishment and Extension.
  • Currently a services audit is being conducted and the architect’s brief is being prepared.
  • Sports clubs have been interviewed so as to understand current usage.
  • Committee’s  input will be sought in about a month while the suggestion to consider including a public automatic toilet has been noted.  Please let us know if you have any ideas you’d like us to consider presenting.
  • Design work will commence in a couple of months – after the appointment of the architect.

30th Birthday Celebrations Reminder

  • A celebration will be held at the Scout Hall on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 from 2:30 – 4:00PM for the 30th anniversary of the Blackburn Creeklands park.
  • There will be displays, old photographs for viewing, afternoon tea and an optional walk in the park (for those able).  All are invited – though an RSVP is required please.
  • Click here for further information on the anniversary.

Working Bees

  • Our last Working Bee on 13th October, in the land adjacent to 60 Main Street, was partly a wash out – thanks anyway to our Friends for braving the weather as long as we all could.
  • Because weeds are proliferating there, committee is keen to schedule a replacement working bee there in November.  We’ll let you know if it is to go ahead.

Realignment of Path Adjacent to 60 Main Street

  • The path realignment previously reported in last month’s news as being imminent has been delayed due to the unavailability of a council arborist.  Nevertheless, we are assured work will go ahead before Christmas.
  • By the way, about 60 objections/comments to the 60 Main Street development proposal nearby were received by council.

Tying the Knot under the Old Oak Tree

  • One of our former committee members was recently married in a very special ceremony under the old oak tree on the creek-side of Kalang Oval (congratulations and best wishes Jen!).
  • Seems to be becoming quite the thing to do – another wedding has been arranged through Council for mid-November!

Whitehorse Housing and Neighbourhood Character Review

  • The State Government has released reformed residential zones to replace the current Residential 1, 2 and 3 Zones by 1st July, 2014.  Council’s draft strategy provides Council with a tool to translate the existing residential zones into the reformed zones. For State Government information on the new residential zones, please click here.
  • We recently e-mailed the gist of Committee’s submission to Friends.  Our understanding is that one more round of consultation is planned before the zones are finalized.
  • Council information is available on the project web site and on Council’s web site at .

 Recent Sightings

  • Two Buff-banded Rail chicks have been spotted!  This is very good news for the park – the Rail is a relatively recent re-addition to the park’s fauna with successful breeding occurring over the past 2-3 years.   Click here for a good photo on an adult bird that you might see scooting across the path ahead of you.  The chicks are small, black and fluffy.
  • Fox activity has been detected in Furness Park.  Council is aware of the active den found by the Monday Weeding Group and action is imminent.
  • Clearly, the two categories above are incompatible.   We would also like to stress the importance of dogs being on leash… as they should always be – to give the young ones an even chance.  Cats should never be in the park of course.

 Plant of the Month

chocolate lilies

  • Plant of the Month is the Chocolate Lily – Arthropodium strictum.  This plant has long grass-like leaves with a single violet (rarely white) flower on stalks and having a chocolatey scent.  The two photos above were taken in Furness Park.   This year seems to be a very good one for them.  Though quite a spectacular flower, they are not “in your face” – so, to enthusiasts, they are a delight to find.
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