News – September, 2013

Blacks Walk Path 

  • Council has advised that a contractor has been selected and that work should commence early/mid October – provided weather is dry.  Click here for further information.

60 Main Street Development Proposal

  • A reminder that any comments or objections should have been submitted by Friday, 27th September.  All is not lost though! – the deadline is not especially strict – though the number of objections received by then is used to trigger whether a meeting dedicated to the proposal should be the next step.
  • A Friend has provided a Word version of the council form.  You can complete that electronically and e-mail directly to council.  Click here for further details.

Realignment of Path Adjacent to 60 Main Street

  • The path realignment mentioned in our e-mail of 17/9/2013 and woody weed removal will commence in a couple of weeks.  If you’re interested to see where the new path will go, its rough position has been sprayed on the ground by council.
  • On the downside, the new path will be as close as 8 metres from the proposed new development.  Allowing 2 metres for a firebreak, there would not seem to be much scope for planting adequate screening…

Working Bees

  • The 22nd September working bee was very successful – thanks to good attendance from our Friends including two new faces (Michael and Jan).
  • Next working bee is planned to be Sunday 13th October in the park adjacent to 60 Main Street – assuming there is no conflict with council works (please refer item above).


  • An interesting noticeboard display on local frogs is now in place.

Whitehorse Housing and Neighbourhood Character Review

  • You have probably received material from Council on the Review.  Phase 2 of the consultation will run from Monday 9 September to Monday 21 October 2013. Copies of the three draft documents are available for viewing at all Council libraries and service centres. The information is also available on the project website and on Council’s website .
  • Committee will be making a submission to the Review as custodians of the Creeklands.
  • We encourage all to review the council information and consider your own situation as well as the protection and nurturing of our local environment, including the Creeklands, for the future.

30th Birthday Celebrations

  • 2013 is the 30th anniversary of the Blackburn Creeklands park! 
  • A small celebration will be held at the Scout Hall on Sunday, 17th November, 2013 from 2 – 4PM.  There will be displays, old photographs for viewing, afternoon tea and an optional walk in the park (for those able).  All are welcome – though an RSVP will be required please.
  • Click here for further information on the anniversary.

Malcolm Street Billabong Project

  • A project concept has been developed to reinstate diverted storm water to the Malcolm Street billabong.
  • Council has committed to the project being in the current 5 year cycle and its implementation will be considered as a next financial year (2014/2015) project.
  • You might have noticed we’ve been busy weeding and planting out that area recently.

 Recent Sightings

  • This year’s first ducklings have hatched!  – stresses the importance of dogs being on leash
  • White-faced Herons flying overhead.
  • Masked Lapwing heard (formerly called the Spurwinged Plover) – 10.30PM in the evening.

Plant of the Month

  • Plant of the Month is Olearia lirata or “Snow Daisy-bush”.  This is usually a fairly inconspicuous plant – except at this time of year when it is covered in white daisy-like flowers – rather like a dusting of snow from a distance.

Olearia lirata

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