The “yellow signs” are up! – 60 Main Street, Blackburn

Update 21/12/2014:  Another development proposal for the property at 60 Main Street has been advertised by Council! – please click here for details.

A development proposal has been received by Whitehorse Council for the property at 60 Main Street Blackburn.

The property shares a significant boundary with our park close to the northern track along the creek through Kalang Park.  The property is located on the north-western side of Main Street just over the bridge.


Many of you will know the property as the former residence of the late Mr T (Tommy) Ayres and through the “scar tree” being on the property boundary. The adjoining parkland has also been the site of several recent community working bees.

The proposal includes:

  • 3 two storey houses with the middle one being in much the same alignment as the existing house – except that it comes to the southern boundary with the park.
  • Demolition of the existing house and outbuildings.
  • 2 of the 3 buildings are built to the boundary with the park.
  • A driveway along the northern side of the block.
  • Building heights of more than 9m from ground level.
  • Total site coverage (building + hard surfaces) of 47%.
  • Steel profile roofing and cladding with vertical timber batten screens.
  • Retention of the tall trees at the front – though several other trees on the block are proposed to be removed.
  • No fencing changes along boundaries – including with the park – though internal solid and screening fences are proposed for privacy and/or title boundaries within the block.

The site falls within the Whitehorse Planning Scheme Schedule 2 to the Significant Landscape Overlay (SLO2).  Several aspects of the proposal do not appear to comply with the guidelines.

Oddly, in the proposed development documentation, our park (the Blackburn Creeklands) is variously called the “Blackwood Creek” Reserve and “Gardiners Creek” Reserve.

This diagram shows a plan view of the proposal:

60main st plan

The diagram below shows House 3 (the westernmost – where the park is narrowest) as viewed from the park (the closest part of the house to the park appears to be more than 10 metres high from natural ground level):

house 3 from park

You can view the complete proposal at the Nunawading offices of the Whitehorse Council – ask at the section of the long desk with the sign “planning”.  You either need the number from the yellow sign (WH/2012/918) or the address (60 Main St, Blackburn).

Any responses and/or objections were required in writing by 27th September, 2013.

Please click here for the Council’s form.  A friend has provided a Microsoft Word version of the council form.  You could alternatively complete this and send to council via e-mail to:

Update 8th October, 2013:  we understand that Council received about 60 comments/objections to the proposed 60 Main Street development.   The next moves are for council to facilitate a forum meeting between the developer and objectors and then for the proposal to go to a later Council meeting.

Update 23rd December, 2013:  in a letter dated 20/12/2013, Whitehorse Council’s Planning and Building Department notifies that it has determined to Refuse to Grant a Permit. 

Update 15th May, 2014:Objectors to the 60 Main Street Development proposal received notice today that the applicant has been able to appeal against Whitehorse City Council’s rejection of its proposed development at 60 Main Street.   Those wishing to object at VCAT must notify Easton Consulting (for the applicant), the City of Whitehorse and VCAT via the VCAT Form B by 30th May, 2014.

Please visit here for further information.

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