New Path for Blacks Walk

Following consultations with the Advisory Committee, Whitehorse Council plans to construct a new path in Blacks Walk from the Garie Street bridge to the side entrance of the Laburnum Primary School soon – once the park dries out sufficiently for the work to be done. The sketch shows the existing paths in orange and the new path in green.

new paths sketch

The aim is to address the need for better access from the north for kids and parents who walk/ride to school while also accommodating cyclist “through” traffic.

new_path_bridge to school

Water sits in the fairly flat target area after rain – leading to difficulties for prams/strollers and sometimes waterlogged feet at school for the rest of the day!  The soil seems very compacted here leading to slow drainage.

It is also planned to eliminate the current “Goat track” short-cut across the park – mainly used by some cyclists.  To accommodate their needs, a path from the main path near the school boundary will arc to the bridge-school path providing efficient access to the bridge.  The junction of the paths at the bridge will also be simplified.  As can be seen from the photograph below, there is a tendency for cyclists to widen the track when trying to avoid mud – causing damage to the park and a self-perpetuating and widening quagmire in the wetter months.

goat track damage


Update 25/9/2013:  Council has advised that a contractor has been selected and that work should commence early/mid October – provided the weather is dry.

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