Car in the Creek!

As the result of an accident,  a car crashed into the creek from Laurel Grove North on Saturday night (27th April, 2013).  The car became partially submerged in the rocky pond adjacent to the recently vandalised bridge.

car in the water

Police and a tow truck attended to remove the car on Sunday morning (28th April, 2013).  Fortunately, the occupants were unhurt and there was surprisingly little vegetation damage to the park.  Only one Melaleuca was knocked on the way through – though pulling the car out created a little more disturbance.

However, there was quite a bit of oil on the water.  Following a report to the EPA, a Melbourne Water team attended to clean up the water pollution using special absorbent mats through the pond.   A temporary surface dam remained in place for a few days to prevent further oil /petrol going downstream.   The initial cleanup work took 3-4 hours.

clean up crew

The slight scum still present is oil breaking down -we’re told it goes stringy and then “burns off” with sunlight.  By the way, if you see pollution in the creek, please report to the EPA Pollution Watch Hot Line on 1300 372 842 (all hours).

Congratulations to all involved in the efficient removal of the car and its water pollution.  The pond is important to the local bird and aquatic life.  Both a Nankeen Night Heron and a Little Pied Cormorant have been seen sitting on the rocks at the pond from the Laurel Grove bridge in recent times.  Here is a shot of the cormorant “big foot” at the site:

Little pied comorant

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