Vandals Hit Laurel Grove Bridge

It appears vandals attempted to burn the  Laurel Grove footbridge last Friday overnight.  Fortunately, no major structural damage seemed to have occurred after assessment by Council.  One can only hope the returned karma will be swift – perhaps mum or dad noticed the smoke on clothes and might draw the correct conclusion…

Obviously, the cost to the community will also include the temporary bridge closure while repairs are effected.

UPDATE: the safety tape has been removed and the somewhat charred planks remain… Looks like the powers-that-be have decided that repairs are not warranted.

By the way – the bridge is an important bird viewing platform – both a Nankeen Night Heron and a Little Pied Cormorant have been seen sitting on the rocks at the pond from the Laurel Grove bridge in recent times. Let’s hope they’re there for the bird count on 27/4!

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