Purple Swamphen seen in park

Several sightings of a Purple Swamphen (Porphryrio porphryrio) have been reported.  This bird is a known resident of the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary but has not been seen in the Creeklands until this year.  It is a large waterhen with red bill and forehead shield, deep blue (purple) head, dark brown/black back/wings, white undertail coverts and reddish legs.  Latest sightings were near the path on the north side of the creek more-or-less opposite the Bowling Club.

We’ve updated our bird lists with this latest entry – we now have 94 species recorded for our park.  See our Fauna and Flora page for the listings.

Don’t forget our Autumn Bird Survey planned for Saturday, April 27th, 2013 (all welcome – no experience necessary).

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