Bird Survey: Saturday, April 28th 2012

The first ever bird survey in the Blackburn Creeklands was conducted on Saturday, April 28th at 7:30 AM – meeting outside the Scout Hall in Pakenham Street.

The inaugural Blackburn Creeklands Bird Survey was a great success on several fronts:

  • thirty three different bird species were identified,
  • groups were led by highly knowledgeable and skilled leaders,
  • there was a good turnout of locals to assist and learn,
  • very welcome assistance from Blackburn Lakes Advisory Committee members was utilised,
  • excellent weather,
  • a convivial cuppa at the Guides Hall to amalgamate results.

Highlights were possibly the larger birds such as the pairs of tawny frogmouths and king parrots – though smaller, harder to see birds such as pardalotes and thornbills were also identified.  As one of the group leaders pointed out, the good news for the park was the relatively minor counts of introduced species such as the Indian Myna and spotted doves.

Here are the survey results:  BCAC Inaugural Bird Survey

The following photograph shows one group counting birds along the creek from the Blacks Walk bridge:

Bird counting group on Blacks Walk bridge

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